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Hello everyone welcome to my blog. I am your host Ray and so happy you came by. It’s just a fun blog and I hope you will enjoy it. As per my motto “FUN, FASHION AND FRIENDS” I will introduce you with my point of view on these topics. These three F’s of life as I call them are very much important so to not make your one and only life boring. As in today’s hi-tech world it’s all and only about Internet and virtuality. If you want fun- play games, want to deal with fashion opt for ‘online shopping’, want to make friends there’s always Facebook and Instagram. Now these online sites has become a major platforms for meeting people from all over the world. So why not make the best use of it. And for me it’s all and only about FUN, So join me through this blog post and accompany me in this journey. Here I’ll share my opinion regarding some really interesting stuff related with the three F’s I mentioned to you.

FUNThe point of life

FASHIONThe vibe of life

FRIENDS The best companion of life

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The comfy zone.

Your confidence lies in your dressing style-

Dressing up is very much important. Because it does not just show off your look but also defines your personality. So always dress up according to the situation & place and don’t forget your comfort.

What we usually think that clothes shows our status and specially we teenagers think in this way. We only want to create impression with our looks and it’s right at some point but not completely true. Just for seeking attention we sometimes go out of our limit and completely out of character. But don’t you think it’s not at all cool; So always wear according to your comfort not just show off. Because your mood and importantly your confidence depends on what you wear. And if you wear any dress and you think you look good in it but aren’t comfortable so don’t take chance at all. Because wearing uncomfortable clothes will not only affect your mood but you will instantly lose your confidence. Then your good looks wouldn’t be of any help. The way we dress up links with our confidence and conscience. So make sure you wear what makes you happy and confident.

But that doesn’t mean you should neglect the situation no that’s not the way. Let me give an example. You have to attend some business meetings or let say any college seminar and you happily dressed up in one piece and high heels because these clothes are comfortable for you and people will be attracted to you. This is only going to embarrass you , put on a hoodie and a sweet pant that will go but don’t choose something that will make you look like a complete glitch. I know other’s opinions doesn’t matter but your comfort is important isn’t it but that doesn’t mean you can ignore the situation. So try to mould your comfy clothes that will go with the scene. So in this way you’ll be able to blend in the background and yet will be in your comforts.

Your sense of dressing surely defines you. Its a world of visuality what we see does affect our thinking and on that basis we make agreement about anything. So what you wear and how you dress up does matter. It’s not that you always need to wear branded clothes and luxurious outfits. What you just have to do is opt. for a simple and sophisticated look. First make sure what goes with your personality and figure, then accordingly choose your wardrobe collection. And if you are confused then the super easy way is just go with the latest trend.

There’s a abundance of online shops available now that gives you a huge amount of options according to you demand. Those who are not much into fashion and dressing and are mostly confused about what goes with their look don’t worry at all. There are lots of helping hands out their none other than the fashion influencers. You can easily find their websites online or at any shopping app.

So hit on the internet and find your perfect and comfy fit. Walk with confidence and with your personality showing in your looks.

FRIENDSHIP “An Amazing Vibe”

Find your special stranger they will introduce you to your life.

"Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery,
 by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief."
                                                   By: Marcus Tullius cicero

Don’t you think how beautiful it is that once a stranger becomes a very important part of your life just like that. No identity of that person but you feel like having conversation with that particular one and you both just start. From strangers you both become each others family. And the question remains HoW? And after some year you won’t even remember the begining of all this and that doesn’t matter what will matter the most is how you two will be together in this, till the last day of your life. You started to belivie in each other, have trust and this much faith that you two rely on one another. And create a sweet bond; and we name this bonding “FRIENDSHIP”. As sweet as love it is.

This relation of friendship is no less than a Tv drama. Here we encounter all types of emotions and everyday a new experience. Love-hate, faith-betrayal, pride-insult, gain-loss, fights and anger and jealousy even. But at last we can’t stand without talking with each other. That’s friendship, where there’s no place for your anger it just fades away in a second, you love each other with all your heart but never show. But deep down you both know that how much important we are for them.

But the world is growing now, it’s getting smaller and smaller day by day. But the more it shrinks the more we are getting apart from each other. And it’s difficult to find a true friend in this new world. But if you have got one don’t lose them ever, and if you don’ have find one.Being alone or enjoying your company is good but good is always not enough. So make your good the best. There’s no trend that only a person can be your friend it can be anyone in-fact anything. You just have to find it; with what or with whom you feel this connection.

In our generation friends has become F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The trust and faith has gone somewhere. We are so lost in our world that we don’t care about anyone else. So let’s find it and I am sure we will get the real meaning of friendship back.

This vibe of friendship is just so amazing once you got it you will never let it go. As for me whenever I hear this word “friend” I instantly think of my Best friend- ‘Avi’ She is the bestest friend’s of mine in this entire universe. As long as she is with me I could never be alone. From childhood to till date we all have meet so many people but only some becomes special. Everyone has got different definition of friendship at different stages. As for childhood we call that person our friend with whom we share our toys with but as we grew we realise friends are not just for sharing toys but our feelings.

What comes in your mind whenever you hear this word. Let me know in the comment below. Mention your “bff” and friend’s name. And share your story with us where you found your special stranger. And let’s hear each others story of friendship. So maybe in this way we will get the real meaning back.

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